VNACJ Clients To Use Ryde4Life Program

Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey, Community Health Center Inc. in Asbury Park is looking forward to working with EZ Ride and using the Ryde4Life program to provide transportation for their clients. VNACJ works with vulnerable populations such as at-risk children, the elderly, and individuals with chronic illness. Their mission is to help individuals and families achieve their best level of well-being by providing compassionate, coordinated, innovative care in their homes and communities. Transportation is often a challenge for their clients because their homes are located far from healthcare facilities, and most of them don’t own a car and could not afford to pay for a taxi service. As a result, many do not get to visit a physician until it’s too late.

VNACJ decided to partner with EZ Ride and launch a pilot transportation program. The goal is to provide reliable transportation for their clients, which would help them access healthcare services. Thanks to a grant from New Jersey Health Initiatives, EZ Ride will set up a dedicated transportation account for VNACJ clients using the Ryde4Life program. VNACJ representatives will contact EZ Ride and arrange transportation for groups or individuals in need of transportation.

For more information about the Ryde4Life program please contact:

Barbara Friedman

(201) 939-4242 ext. 223

[email protected]