Our Team

We are picky about our peers

The EZ Ride management team is comprised of industry experts, bringing years of diverse experience to a growing company. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale, grow, and succeed.

Our Executives

Krishna Murthy

Krishna Murthy,

President and Chief Executive Officer

Krishna Murthy has a multidisciplinary background in management, planning, engineering, and business. Krishna is a graduate of the National Defense Academy (NDA) and the Indian Military Academy (IMA) and served as an officer in the Indian Army. Before joining EZ Ride, he worked as a Research Assistant at the University Transportation Research Center (UTRC) at City College, New York. Krishna has an MBA from Columbia Business School, an MS in Civil Engineering (Transportation) from the City University of New York, and an MS in City & Regional Planning from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Avnish Gupta

Avnish Gupta,

Chief Operations Officer

Avnish Gupta is an attorney with diverse management and executive experience.  Prior to his current position, Avnish worked as an Associate with a law firm in Pennsylvania, managed law practice in India, and served in the Indian Army as a Commissioned Officer.  Avnish combines his legal and risk management skills with men and material management experience to bring a unique perspective to various business, legal and HR issues. Avnish also serves on the Board of Directors of Alliance of Nonprofits for Insurance. Avnish is a graduate of the National Defense Academy (Bachelor of Science), the Indian Military Academy, Delhi University Law Centre (Bachelor of Laws) and Georgetown University Law Center (Master of Laws).

Our Staff

Carla Gonzalez-Rios
Human Resources Coordinator
Carole Swanstrom
Manager - Accounts Payable
Nicole Neri
Manager - Accounts Receivable & Payroll
Veronica Almonte
Payroll Coordinator
Jose Garzon
Accounting Assistant II
Prerana Mehta
Accounting Assistant I
Lisa Lee
Manager, Bike & Pedestrian Programs
Victoria Alizo
Assistant Coordinator - Safe Routes to School
Kinga Skora
Regional Manager
Ellie Ferrer
Assistant Manager - Carpools/Vanpools
Robin Paoletti
Transportation Coordinator - Ryde4Life
Michael Jensen
Transportation Coordinator - Public Transit
Stephanie Otero
Transportation Associate - Customer Service
Constance Shelley
Transportation Coordinator - Flex-T
Barbara Friedman
Assistant Manager
Michael Hazlet
Transportation Coordinator - Flex-T
Catalina Velasquez
Transportation Coordinator - Ryde4Life
Frank Menken
Transportation Associate - Customer Service
Lorraine Seid
Transportation Coordinator - Ryde4Life
Sonya Stockton
Transportation Coordinator - Customer Service
Sandy Densky
Transportation Associate - Ryde4Life
Carolyn Speed
Transportation Associate - Ryde4Life
Erinel Pagan
Operations Supervisor - Shuttles
Maria Melendez
Customer Service Supervisor - Shuttles
Veronica Gallegos
Transportation Coordinator - Customer Service
Rosangela Tineo
Transportation Coordinator - Customer Service
Elizabeth Garcia
Transportation Coordinator - Customer Service