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Bicycle & Pedestrian Programs

Helping your community promote walking, bicycling, safety and health

Walking and bicycling are easy and simple ways to make physical activity a part of your daily routine. We can help you plan, develop, and implement activities in your school or community to improve safety and promote walking and bicycling.

So what makes us different?

Public-Private Partnership

We partner with government agencies, private foundations, local non-profits and others to identify priorities and possible funding sources to implement bike and pedestrian programs to make your community safer and healthier. Our services are available at no cost to you.


Focus on Kids

Kids are a major focus of our efforts and we offer a range of services from safety information and bike rodeos to poster contests and free bike helmets. We help schools to conduct walk audits and develop travel plans – a pre-requisite to tap additional federal funding.


Building a Culture of Health

In disadvantaged communities, we help improve and increase access to fresh and healthy food by implementing community gardens and working with bodegas – offering them incentives to encourage them to offer healthy food options.

What do we offer?

Safety Presentations

For students as well as older adults we can come to your site and conduct 30-minute visual, age-appropriate and interactive presentations about safety rules and benefits of walking. For bicyclists, in addition to 30-minute presentations, we setup on-bike skills course to teach kids about starting, stopping, scanning, signaling and turning. And we provide free helmets for those who do not have one.

During Covid-19, our online Safety Presentations will equip you to learn from home. We’ve also created worksheets  to use after watching the presentations.

Bike Safety Presentations 


Street Smart Campaigns

In partnership with NJTPA and local police we can help your community to conduct safety education and enforcement campaigns as we strive to help New Jersey move toward zero deaths on the road.

Audits & Travel Plans

We help schools and municipalities to document the physical condition of the routes used to walk and/ or bike to school and develop plans to improve the walking and bicycling experience. These plans can be used to request Grants for Infrastructure Improvements or Transportation Improvements Set-Aside Program G rants from the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT).

School Travel Toolkit

During COVID-19, our School Travel Toolkit provides a wealth of information for schools and parents about the options to safely commute to school – walking, bicycling, riding a scooter, taking the bus, or driving in your car.

To get your copy, click below

School Travel Toolkit 



Bike Locker Program

In partnership with NJ Transit, we manage enclosed bike lockers at seven train stations that can be rented for a nominal amount by commuters using public transit. The lockers are designed to protect bikes from weather, theft or damage in addition to eliminating the cost and hassle of parking.


Every year, we host a recognition event to celebrate the efforts of schools and municipalities who promote safe walking and biking. The awardees earn points towards grants provided by NJDOT and Sustainable Jersey.

Click here to see criteria for the recognition program.

Directions for award nomination

Bike & Pedestrian Curated Resources

We have curated Bike & Pedestrian information, including fun activities that have been organized by age from pre-school to high-school as well as for parents and teachers. They are updated every week to ensure you have access to the most current information. Click below for the latest.

Library of Curated Resources

What does it cost?

Our bicycle and pedestrian programs are funded by a combination of federal, state and private grants and are offered at no cost to schools, municipalities and community organizations.

How does it work?

We schedule events on weekdays during school or after school.  And we also schedule a limited number of weekend events.

To schedule an event, please contact:

Lisa Lee

(201) 939-4242 ext 123

[email protected]