Bicycle & Pedestrian Programs

Helping Your Community to Promote Health, Safe Walking & Biking

Today, people of all ages, income groups, and fitness levels use walking and bicycling for everyday travel, recreation, and getting to and from work.  EZ Ride’s Bike & Pedestrian Program team is your resource to brain storm ideas, identify funding sources, and implement safe walking and biking programs in your community.

So what makes us different?

Public-Private Partnership

We partner with government agencies, private foundations, local non-profits and others to identify priorities and possible funding sources to implement bike and pedestrian programs to make your community safer and healthier. Our services are available at no cost to you.


Focus on Kids

Kids are a major focus of our efforts and we offer a range of services from safety information and bike rodeos to poster contests and free bike helmets. We help schools to conduct walk audits and develop travel plans – a pre-requisite to tap additional federal funding.


Building a Culture of Health

In disadvantaged communities, we help improve and increase access to fresh and healthy food by implementing community gardens and working with bodegas – offering them incentives to encourage them to offer healthy food options.