EV Accelerator Program

.The primary focus of the EV Accelerator Program is to assist organizations in setting up EV charging stations. National recognition serves as an incentive to encourage organizations to participate in the program and provide charging facilities within their communities. Additionally, the program offers valuable information about federal and state financial incentives to support the adoption of EV technology.

Program Audience

The program’s target audience encompasses a wide range of organizations, including businesses, schools, state, county, and municipal governments, utilities, non-profits and consultants.

Why Embrace Workplace EV Charging?

As a growing share of commuting workers drive EVs—and as an increasing number of tenants, visitors and clients drive EVs to office buildings—there is an expectation that EV charging stations will be offered at the workplace.

Unlike today’s model in which drivers need to go to gas stations, EV drivers will expect EV charging stations to be available where they live, work, and shop. Consequently, the nature of transportation and fueling has already begun to change. This synergistic model requires real estate owners to actively provide the necessary infrastructure to support Americans’ evolving driving and mobility habits.

By 2030, EV owners will be more middle-income and evenly distributed by age. They’ll also be more likely to rent and less likely to own a home. Therefore, we expect a greater need for charging in multi-unit dwellings than exists today. This dynamic will be driven by projected lower incomes and a higher propensity to rent. As fewer drivers own homes, they will be more reliant on access to shared EV charging where they work, and shared/dedicated charging where they live.

NJDEP’s workplace charging toolkit provides a set of resources and guidelines designed to assist employers in implementing electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure at the workplace, and EVITP a list of charging installers.

How Can We Help?

Access to Resources

Charge@Work is a national program funded by the US Department of Energy (USDOE) to promote workplace EV charging programs. We can assist by connecting you with federal and local incentive programs, resources, site plans, suitable technologies, and connect you with local installers. Visit chargeatwork.org

National Recognition

Gain national recognition through the EVAL Certification Program for Employers, sponsored by the USDOE. It offers accreditation for organizations supporting the adoption of EV charging at their worksites. Learn about the benefits, and get certified now at no cost.  Starting November 1, 2024, there will be a fee for certification.  Visit evalcertification.org

Fleet Transition Plans

For fleet owners, it’s essential to establish a flexible Fleet Transition Plan and a roadmap for guidance. EZ Ride will help your company, for a fee, develop a fleet transition plan that includes construction recommendations, funding sources and site upgrades needed.

Make a Pledge Today to Install EV Charging

Visit https://chargeatwork.org/pledge/or contact EZ Ride at 201-939-4242 Option 6 and we will send you a pledge form.
Join the electric revolution and be a part of a sustainable future. Contact us today to learn how adding EV workplace charging can benefit your organization, retain employees and preserve the environment.

EVAL Information Session

Join EZ Ride for a short webinar about USDOE funded Electric Vehicle Adoption Leadership (EVAL) workplace charging certification and learn more about about how to become one of the first NJ organizations to be recognized as a leader in bringing EV workplace charging to assist your employees and reduce harmful emissions in our state! The program provides recognition and technical assistance to organizations supporting the adoption of clean transportation. We will provide an overview of the EVAL Certification Program, share resources and allocate time for a Q&A session.

See link to register for upcoming webinar: July 10, 2024 at 1pm – 1:30pm