50% Discount on Rides for Qualified Members

EZ Ryde4Life

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We coordinate rides for you with Lyft and Uber

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“Giving up the keys” doesn’t have to mean giving up. EZ Ride offers on demand transportation for adults 18 years or older in partnership with transportation network companies (TNCs) like Lyft  and Uber throughout New Jersey.

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How EZ Ride Doubled Rides for Seniors with Lyft

So What Makes Us Different?

Low Cost

Members pay the fees charged by Lyft or Uber along with a $2.50 administrative fee.

We offer you the best pricing available and we monitor your ride and assist if needed.

The lower cost is made possible due to the generous support from private foundations, government, and businesses.

No Smart Phone Required

All you need is a cell phone to call 201-939-4242 Ext. 4 and speak to an EZ Ride Operator to request a ride from 8 am to 8 pm Monday-Friday and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm.  Rides are provided in real time with no advance reservations.

Choice of Providers

The list of transportation providers is not limited to Lyft and Uber and will be expanded to include other qualified transportation providers as well. A choice of providers helps us to find the lowest cost provider for each individual trip.

Program Features

Enhanced Security

We are working hard to ensure the safety of your credit card information and all transactions will soon be made using PayPal. Your credit/debit card information will not be stored on our computers.

Customized Software

Customized software will be used to:

  • Get costs from multiple transportation providers and request the lowest cost ride
  • Receive payments for the ride from your credit or debit card
Monthly Statements

We will send you a monthly statement indicating the details of all rides along with any other transaction on your account. Riders will also have access to an on-line portal for up to date account information.

How does it work?

EZ Ryde4Life is a membership-based program. Currently, the program is available to New Jersey Residents only.  Riders fill out a registration form and establish a transportation account using a credit or debit card. Once that’s setup, rides can be scheduled in real time. It’s as easy to register, reserve, and ride.

All fees and charges are collected in advance from your credit/debit card by charging $50 to fund your account; fees will be deducted from the available balance, and additional money will be debited from your card when the account balance drops to $25.

You will receive a monthly statement of all rides and their cost.

How to Register?

  • Fill out the registration sign up on-line.  Debit Card or Credit Card from Master Card or Visa Required.

——  – or –

  • Speak to a live person from your area

Call: 201-939-4242 Ext. 4

—– – or –

EZ Ride, 144 Park Place East, Wood-Ridge, NJ 07075

How to Request a Ride?

To request a ride call 201-939-4242 Ext. 4

Rides are available:

  • Monday through Friday from 8am – 8pm
  • Saturday from 8am – 5pm
  • No Service on the following Holidays: New Year’s, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving & Christmas

What Does it Cost?

  • Non-refundable membership fee: $15 per year
  • Ride fee: based on Lyft or Uber rates + administrative fee: $2.50 per ride


50% Discount on Rides for Qualified EZ Ryde4Life Program Members!

We are pleased to announce an exceptional opportunity for members of the EZ Ryde4Life Program. Thanks to our generous funders, we can offer a 50% discount to qualified members. This discount is available for up to sixteen rides each month for any purpose. Additionally, for members going to dialysis, sixteen more rides per month are exclusively reserved for this purpose.

Eligibility: To take advantage of this fantastic offer, the rider must meet the eligibility criteria for any ONE of the following NJ DHS programs:

  1. Pharmaceutical Assistance to the Aged & Disabled (PAAD) Program
  2. Senior Gold Prescription Discount Program
  3. NJ Medicaid

This 50% discount cannot be combined with any other program offerings. Rides will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis, as funding is limited.

Sign up to become an EZ Ryde4Life member.

What our users say about the EZ Ryde4Life Program:


“We don’t think of transportation as an ‘essential.’ Indeed, we don’t even think of how much transportation is an integral part of maintaining our independence. It enables seniors to maintain a sense of control. Access to EZ Ryde4Life Program gives one a sense of stability, a sense of empowerment. I could schedule rides quickly and get to my doctor’s appointments, the pharmacy, and the market.  I don’t have to feel bad about relying on my family to help me. It gives me a sense of independence. I am in control of my transportation without being a burden on my family and friends. I want to thank EZ Ride and the Township of Montclair for offering this service, which I could otherwise not afford.”  – Ellen

Colts Neck

“Living in New Jersey does not come without challenges.  “Things got a lot easier when my husband and I joined Ryde4Life. Thank God EZ Ryde4Life is around to get us back and forth at short notice. We try hard to keep active and moving, and we enjoy going out when we want to without bothering our family; now we can enjoy the spontaneous trip to the dollar store or ShopRite. The drivers are all very nice and helpful and I appreciate that they’re just a phone call away. ” – Geraldine


“As a senior and a low income resident, in addition to all the everyday expenses, I cannot afford to pay for transportation.   I have bad knees and I can’t walk anymore to go places.  Thanks to Essex County that sponsors the trips provided through the EZ Ryde4Life program I am more mobile and able to go out.  It’s truly a blessing to me.  I now can access food pantry, the supermarket, keep my doctor appointments or to visit an elderly 91-year-old relative.  I am thankful to be part of  this wonderful program.” – Louise


“I can’t drive anymore and I don’t have a car. During the pandemic I injured my shoulder and I was not sure how I would get to the doctor or to the physical therapy appointments three times per week.  If it were not for the EZ Ryde4Life program through which the trips were paid by the township, I would still be sitting here with a sling on my arm.  It’s been a total lifesaver.  Living on a limited income and having access to transportations without worry about additional expenses has changed everything in my life. I have been able to get out and complete my physical therapy. It really saved my life.” – Helen


“I like the independence to come and go on my own without having to count on my family. My conversations with the drivers are always interesting and I feel that I am in good hands. I am pleased that I do not have to deal with paying the drivers and the folks at EZ Ride take care of the billing.” – Gloria


“In December 2018, after a stressful driving experience in inclement weather, I decided that driving alone was just not worth it. I have taken more than 50 rides in the last five months and spent over $600. Cost is a concern for me because of the large number of trips I take for my medical appointments.” – Harold