Uber Health and EZ Ride Partner to Increase Mobility for NJ Residents

Uber Health and EZ Ride have entered into a partnership to provide on-demand, affordable transportation services for New Jersey residents age 18 and over through EZ Ride’s “Ryde4Life” program.   Ryde4Life is now available on weekdays from 8am – 8pm and on weekends from 8am – 5pm by calling  866.208.1307 Ext. 4.  Members do not need a smartphone to participate; they only need a cell phone and a credit card to register for the program. “Our partnership with Uber Health will fill the mobility gap experienced by residents who utilize existing public transportation options that may have limited schedules or routes. Ryde4Life makes The Garden State fully accessible all the time,” said Krishna Murthy, President and CEO of EZ Ride.  “We are pleased to provide an easy way for residents without a smart phone to take advantage of Uber’s services.”

“Uber Health’s partnership with EZ Ride provides an additional option for NJ residents to help increase their mobility and reduce isolation in their communities and around the state. Through Ryde4Life, Uber Health offers a convenient, safe and user-friendly on-demand ride experience for those who need it most,” said Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health.

For more information, please contact:

Avnish Gupta

(201) 939-4242 ext. 118

[email protected]