Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Recognition Award & Infrastructure Grants

Participation in the SRTS program is a pre-requisite for SRTS Infrastructure grants from New Jersey Department of Transportation. Our Bike and Pedestrian Program team at EZ Ride will work with you to meet the criteria needed to gain recognition and apply for grant funds. We will even help you to submit the online nomination.

The SRTS program cycle runs from February 1, 2020 to January 31, 2020 so the next deadline is coming up in two months. The program offers a step by step process to support walking and biking in your community.

We can help you on multiple fronts including:

  1. Strengthening your crossing guard program
  2. Crafting policies to promote walking and biking for adoption by your municipality and Board of Education (BOE)
  3. Implementing biking and walking educational programs for kids
  4. Identifying street infrastructure needs to support safe walking and biking
  5. Working with local police to encourage safe driver and pedestrian behavior


Coming Soon – Solicitations for 2020 SRTS Infrastructure Grants

Municipalities will have the opportunity to apply for the federal SRTS Infrastructure Grants in early 2020 that will be administered by the New Jersey Department of Transporation (NJDOT). These reimbursement grants can be used to make streetscape improvements and fix issues to make walking and biking safer.

Typically, applicants will have up to three months to provide the required supporting documentation that includes two resolutions – one each from the school district and the municipality. Since this could involve multiple reviews before the final vote and adoption of the resolution, it would be prudent to start this process early. EZ Ride can provide you with a template to begin the process.

Applicants are also required to submit school travel tallies and letters of support from community organizations. Again, we can provide you with templates for your use.

The following websites provide additional details: and

For any additional assistance or questions, please contact:

Lisa Lee

(201) 939-4242 Ext. 123

[email protected]