Ryde4Life Members – Pearl G. & Sheila from East Orange

Pearl and Sheila live in East Orange.  They used a combination of rides from friends and family, taxis, and buses to get around town.  They discovered the Ryde4Life program while traveling back and forth to the hospital to visit a family member.  Not having to depend on anyone for a ride was very appealing to them and they signed up for the program. Now they use Ryde4Life in conjunction with public transportation to get to the hospital, for shopping, doctor appointments, and social functions.

“We love the flexibility and the fact that there is no exchange of money or arguing over the fare.  The drivers are great, cars are clean, and they arrive within five minutes. We enjoy the freedom of using the service as needed and we enjoy the luxury of someone else out there who looks out for any billing discrepancies. EZ Ride takes care of that easily and quickly.”

For additional information or to sign up for the program, call:

(866) 208-1307, Option 4  or visit  www.Ryde4Life.org