Ryde4Life Member – Geraldine

Geraldine and her husband William, have been married for 59 years. Originally from Brooklyn, they moved to Staten Island to raise their family. They moved to New Jersey to be closer to their son and his family. Geraldine and William have five beautiful grandchildren. She enjoys her relationships with them because they always keep her laughing.

Living in New Jersey does not come without challenges. Things got much more comfortable when they joined the Ryde4Life program about a year ago. When William fell ill, it became difficult to get him to his doctor’s appointments.

Geraldine exclaimed, “Thank goodness Ryde4Life is around to get us back and forth when there is not any other option!” Now, they can enjoy spontaneous shopping trips. Geraldine stated that the drivers are all amiable and helpful. She spreads the word about Ryde4Life whenever she can.

For more infromation about Ryde4Life program, please call:

(866) 208-1307, Option 4