Ryde4Life Member – Charles Zylinky

Charles and his wife Rose Marie are both members of Ryde4Life.  They do everything together – cooking meals, attending club meetings, and going on vacation. And they always use Ryde4Life for their local travel needs.

Charles is a former professional driver, but says driving in the area today is “too crazy.” He decided to stop driving and began using taxis before joining the Ryde4Life program. Today, he uses Ryde4Life for all his trips, including visits to the doctor, shopping, or going out to dinner with his wife. He prefers Ryde4Life to taxi service as it makes him feel like he has his personal car service.

Charles says that all the drivers are super helpful, and sometimes he even gets the same driver. He has told some of his friends about the service and says that Ryde4Life is the best alternative to having your car.


For additional information or to sign up for the program, call:

(866) 208-1307, Option 4

or visit