232: Kearny Avenue Line Shuttle (Exact Fare Required)

This shuttle provides transportation between the PATH station in Harrison and bus stops along Ridge Road and Kearny Avenue up to Garden Terrace in North Arlington. Shuttle is funded in part by New Jersey Job Access Reverse Commute (NJ-JARC) program. The service operates during morning and evening rush hours, from 6:20 a.m. to 9:20 a.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 7:35 p.m. One-way fare is $3.00.

Shuttle stops ONLY at NJ TRANSIT bus stops located on its route along Ridge Rd. and Kearny Avenue. List of Shuttle Stops is:

From No. Arlington to PATH:                                                                    From PATH to No. Arlington:

– Ridge Rd. & Garden Terrace                                                                               – Frank Rodgers & Guyon Drive

– Kearny Ave & Belleville Turnpike                                                                    – Kearny Ave & Hoyt St

– Kearny Ave & Stewart Ave                                                                                  – Kearny Ave & Bergen Ave

– Kearny Ave & Midland Ave                                                                                – Kearny Ave & Midland Ave

– Kearny Ave & Quincy Ave                                                                                  – Kearny Ave & Stuyvesant Ave

– Kearny Ave & Johnston Ave                                                                              – Ridge Rd. & Harding Ave

– Kearny Ave & Bergen Ave

Kindly wave to the shuttle when waiting at any stop or inform the driver if you require a drop-off.   The shuttle will stop only when requested.

Shuttle ETA

Shuttle Schedule

Garden Terrace & Ridge Road (North Arlington)6:20 6:55 7:35 8:20 9:00
Frank Rogers Blvd PATH Station (Harrison)6:35 7:10 8:00 8:40 9:20
Frank Rogers Blvd PATH Station (Harrison)4:30 5:10 5:50 6:30 7:15
Garden Terrace & Ridge Road (North Arlington)4:50 5:30 6:10 6:55 7:35


Shuttle is wheelchair lift equipped

Shuttle Route