Health and Safety of the Riders is the First Priority as EZ Ride Prepares to Re-launch its Shuttle Services

As New Jersey starts re-opening for business, we are ready and prepared to re-launch our shuttle services with the health and safety of our riders as our first priority. EZ Ride is amenable to modifying the route, including providing direct service into New York City. Please keep us posted about your shuttle needs ahead of time, as we would need at least a week to start the service.

As informed earlier, we are taking the following steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19:

  • Requiring all drivers and riders to wear a cloth face covering while on the shuttle
  • Restricting seating to alternate rows to ensure proper social distancing
  • Posting conspicuous signage on shuttles to alert drivers and customers about social distancing requirements
  • Sanitizing all shuttles daily and wiping all frequently touched surfaces.

Please note all riders are required to have a face covering to use our shuttle service.

Some additional measures being implemented in our facility that will add to the overall safety environment for our drivers are as follows:

  • Installation of air scrubbers in all HVAC systems in the building
  • Revisiting package and mail delivery procedures
  • Reducing staff in the office to below 25 percent of pre-pandemic numbers
  • Supporting social distancing by removing the coffee machine and the table/ chairs in the driver lounge area

Be well, and stay safe. We look forward to serving you.

For more information about our safety measures, please contact Avnish Gupta at (201)939-4242×118 or email [email protected].