Governor Murphy lifts COVID-19 capacity limits on trains and buses

New Jersey Transit will lift the 50 percent capacity limits on its trains, buses and light rails, as the COVID-19 pandemic slows down in the state and the New York City metro area, and more people begin commuting to work. That also applies to private-carrier buses, trains and light rail vehicles, and Access Link vehicles.

“As we have undertaken our restart and recovery, and as more New Jerseyans begin getting back to their jobs, we are seeing increases in ridership which are beginning to approach 50 percent of the stated maximum capacity of these vehicles, and we want to ensure that people are able to get to their jobs and that the system continues operating as efficiently as possible,” the governor said at his COVID-19 press conference May 6th at the Trenton War Memorial.

Staff and passengers will still have to wear face coverings, Governor Murphy said. Although trains and buses will not automatically jump past the 50 percent cap in most cases, “we anticipate at least at rush hour that will be a reality,” the governor suggested.

Masks need to be worn at any indoor stations, as well as outdoor stations where social distancing “is not practicable,” Murphy added.