EZ Ride’s Bike & Pedestrian Team Offers Resources Online

EZ Ride now offers a new Online Bike Safety presentation with videos and a follow-up poster contest and worksheet in English, Spanish, Hindi and Arabic languages, which is available for free for all students.  More than 16,000 students have taken advantage of these presentations. To review the presentation click here. We have made changes to our current safety presentations and added safety tips regarding Covid-19 to ensure the importance of social distancing is highlighted.

EZ Ride also has created a new Library of more than 150 curated Bike and Pedestrian resources that include videos, activities, and information for students, parents, and adults who want to promote biking,  walking,  and traffic safety. Click here to check out the resources available.

During this summer season more people are out walking and biking in their neighborhoods. EZ Ride’s top priority is to ensure they are doing so in the safest and healthiest way.