400 Students Learn the ABCs of Biking Safety at Three Schools in Long Branch

July 27, 2016

During May and June, over 400 students in grades 3-5 learned the ABCs of biking safety at the Amerigo A. Anastasia School (AAA), the Gregory School, and the George L. Catrambone School (GLC) in Long Branch.  EZ Ride’s Safe Routes to School (SRTS) team made Bike Safety Presentations (BSPs) at these three elementary schools to encourage and teach students how to safely bike to and from school.

Children learn the alphabet and their ABCs in school and these are considered the building blocks that are essential for successful reading.  In the same way, children who learn the ABCs of biking safety learn the building blocks that are necessary for safe bicycling.

Children who attend our Biking Safety Presentations learn about:

  • Helmet fit and that kids under 17 are required by NJ law to wear one
  • The ABC quick check: how to quickly check a bike is safe before riding
  • Rules of the road and responsibilities of cyclists as vehicles
  • How to scan and signal before making turns
  • How to ride predictably and watch out for road hazards
  • How to dress to be safe and the bike equipment that is needed per NJ law

Additionally, the SRTS team explains the benefits of biking and walking to school to students and their teachers. Biking is a great way for students to get part of the daily 60 minutes of exercise that children need each day to stay healthy.  Brain research has shown that students who walk or bike to school are more awake and alert in class, they do better on tests, and they retain information better than students who are driven to school.  We talk about the importance of drinking lots of water when cycling and also about eating healthy foods including more fruits and vegetables to give children energy to help them ride their bicycles for the long term.

By the way, in case you were wondering what the ABCs of biking safety are…

  • A stands for “air” which is needed in tires to ride a bike,
  • B stands for “brakes” which are important to stop a bicycle and need to be properly positioned, and
  • C stands for the “chain, crank, cog and cassette” on the bicycle

The equipment that all cyclists need to ride in NJ includes a white front light, a red rear taillight, and a bike bell or horn to audibly signal. The most important safety skills that kids need to learn are:

  • Come to a full and complete stop at stop signs and red lights
  • Stop at the end of driveways and look both ways before entering the road
  • Always ride bikes on the right hand side of the street with vehicles

Next…the SRTS team will be heading back to the Gregory School and AAA School on July 27thand July 28th to teach in the summer school programs in Long Branch.  We will be making more walking and biking safety presentations to the summer school students and conducting Bike Skills Rodeos where students will get a chance to practice safe riding skills such as scanning, signaling and turning on a safe child-friendly course.  We will also be providing free bike helmets to students who do not have one.

For more info, please contact Lisa Lee at [email protected] or call 201-939-4242.