Flex-T Pricing

Flex-T is a reliable and affordable means of transportation for people with reduced mobility. Rides are provided using a fleet of sedans and minivans.

Here's what you pay

  • Non-refundable annual membership fee of $15
  • Flat fee of $2.40/ mile

All fees and charges are collected in advance from your credit/debit card by charging $50 to start the account; fees will be deducted from the available balance, and additional money will be debited from your card when the account balance drops to $25. Money is never exchanged between riders and drivers.

You will receive a monthly statement of all rides and their cost

Late Cancellation & No-Show Policy

Late Cancellations: No fee is charged if the ride is cancelled by 3 pm the day prior to the ride. If the ride is cancelled later than 3 pm, the full cost of the trip will be billed to the rider.

No Show: If the trip is not cancelled and the rider does not show up when the driver arrives for the pickup, $2 will be charged in addition to the full trip cost.