EZ Electric


This new program provides the roadmap, resources, and recognition for organizations to support the adoption of electric vehicles. The two major components include workplace charging and fleet transition programs.

EZ Ride is dedicated to facilitating the transition of your fleet vehicles from conventional gas-powered vehicles to electric alternatives. Whether you are in the corporate realm, or a public entity like a municipality or school, EZ Ride is your trusted partner for leading this transition. We design and implement programs to make your fleet more efficient on all fronts; logistically, financially, and environmentally. By leveraging our strategic initiatives, your fleet can achieve remarkable improvements in operational effectiveness while minimizing its carbon footprint.

So Why EZ Electric?

Access to Charging

EZ Electric works with you to increase access to electric vehicle charging for your employees. EZ Ride provides technical assistance to ensure that this investment in your workplace is as seamless as possible. Reducing this barrier to electrification promotes a more equitable and efficient workplace. 

Federal Incentive Programs

EZ Ride has researched programs that will ease the financial burden for companies investing in fleet electrification. Using our relationships in the public sector of New Jersey transportation, EZ Ride will help you apply for grants and other incentives for electrification. 

Modern Workplace

S&P Global Mobility forecasts electric vehicle sales in the United States could reach 40 percent of total passenger car sales by 2030. Early adoption of electrification of your workplace fleet increases the return on your investment. Benefits include better retention of workers, lower fuel and maintenance costs, and a transition to environmental sustainability.