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Summary of Work Environment and Work Performed:

Brief Description of the Program

EZ Ryde4Life is a transportation program that offers on demand transportation for adults 18 years or older in partnership with transportation network companies (TNCs) like Lyft and Uber. It gives those who do not drive, or those who cannot or don’t want to use a smartphone, an opportunity to take advantage of current technology. EZ Ryde4Life will take clients anywhere in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York, with some exceptions, as long as the rides originate in New Jersey.

The goals of the EZ Ryde4Life program are:

  • to help overcome the transportation barriers for older adults and others who are unable or unwilling to use smartphone technology allowing them to access doctors, jobs, friends and family.
  • to offer adults over 18 safe, economical, real-time curb-to-curb transportation for any purpose within NJ, PA or NY (with some exceptions).
  • to advocate for our clients in situations that they might not be able to.

In the last three months, the EZ Ryde4Life program averages over 2,400 rides per month. Our Transportation Coordinators advocate for our riders if there are any issues with a ride, an item is lost, or if there is an issue with the final price.

Work Environment

You must be able to work in a fast-paced environment to provide top notch client support while performing the associated administrative duties accurately and in a timely fashion. There are times of the day when the EZ Ryde4Life (R4L) calls will overlap, and you will need to answer multiple calls as a Customer Service Representative. Excellent communication and customer service skills are critical as you will be speaking with many elderly clients. You will be dispatching and monitoring rides throughout the day ensuring that our clients are safely transported. You will also provide support to the Program Supervisor with day-to-day tasks to ensure the smooth operations of the program. You must provide excellent service to our clients, partners, and your coworkers in all conversations with an exceptional level of professionalism.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, all program coordinators are working remotely. However, before being allowed to work remotely, the new hires are required to complete at least a one-month training in the office and demonstrate their ability independently by showing a good knowledge and understanding of program policies and procedures.  They will be allowed to work remotely after approval from the senior management.

Role of the Position

Your role as the EZ Ryde4Life Customer Service Representative is to support operations of the program by maintaining the high quality of service that our clients and partners have come to expect.

You will work with other members of EZ Ride team to enhance the quality of life through transportation solutions. To that end you will commit to delivering what you promise with respect, integrity, and a smile; to building an extraordinary team of professionals dedicated to innovation, reliability, and results; and finally making our community a better place to live and work.


  1.   Answer EZ Ryde4Life phones by the third ring, each time with a smile in your voice.
  2.   Monitor client trips on Lyft and Uber platforms.
  3.   Ensure drivers accurately follow routes to clients and contact them if they appear to be having an issue. Professionally assist the driver to connect them with the client.
  4.   Accurately enter all ride-related data in computer system.
  5.   Respond to, document, and investigate any incident / dispute and follow up on any cancellations using standard operating procedures that have been created for this purpose.
  6.   Provide appropriate responses to clients in accordance with company policies and procedures with the highest customer service attitude.
  7.   Effectively communicate with each client to ensure they are fully informed regarding the services being provided, including the name of their driver, color, and type of the vehicle and how long their wait will be.
  8.    Any other tasks as may be assigned.

DESIRED OUTCOME OR RESULTS (Key Performance Indicators or KPIs):

  1. Number of rides provided daily
  2. Number of inquiry calls fielded
  3. Number of disputes resolved

KPIs may be amended, modified, or added based on operational needs. The desired outcomes or results will be reviewed on an ongoing basis based on past accomplishments.  Specific goals and objectives will be set each year.



High school diploma. Any college education is a plus.


  1. Bilingual skills (Spanish-English) are required
  2. High integrity and good work ethics
  3. Minimum 1-year experience in a call-center or customer service role
  4. Excellent communications skills – oral as well as written
  5. Proficiency in using computers and answering multiple calls
  6. Excellent organization and time management skills
  7. Proficiency in dealing with upset customers politely and professionally

SALARY AND COMPENSATION LEVEL:  Based on experience and capabilities.

Contact Information:

Elizabeth Garcia, HR Assistant

(201) 939-4242 Ext 138; [email protected]

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