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The Organization

At EZ Ride, we believe that a safe, reliable, and affordable transportation system is vital to maintaining our quality of life and promoting the region’s economic growth.  Transportation is a daily concern for commuters who cannot afford to drive to work, for older adults and people with disabilities who do not drive a car, and for businesses who do not have easy access to public transportation. For over 40 years, we have helped people overcome transportation barriers by partnering with businesses and government agencies to implement transportation programs like carpools, vanpools, shuttles, transportation for people with disabilities, biking & walking programs, and even transportation with companies like Lyft or Uber.EZ Ride is a nonprofit organization and, in 2013, was recognized for excellence in serving the community’s needs and named the Urban Community Transportation System of the Year by the Community Transportation Association of America.  Whatever your transportation needs, EZ Ride is here to help.

The Role of the Position

The Communications Specialist is a new position and offers the selected candidate a unique opportunity to build a program that focuses on corporate communications and public relations. While the audience for the marketing team is the customer, the audience for the communications specialist is the public.

The Communications Specialist position is tailored to accommodate either part-time or full-time employment, contingent upon experience level.

You will translate EZ Ride’s goals and objectives into an annual communication plan. You could develop the plan using online and free resources such as those available on Further, you will lead the effort to implement the plan you have created, employing the myriad of communication vehicles available, including the annual report, newsletter, the Internet, corporate website and social media, email, direct mail, speeches, presentations, and testimonials.


You will develop and maintain effective relationships with our internal and external stakeholders to encourage them to share outcomes and experiences from their individual and teamwork assignments that would be the basis for developing your communication pieces. While you could work remotely, you will attend regular meetings as assigned and keep the executive team informed of events that affect EZ Ride, its activities, and its stakeholders.

Publications & Website
You will conceptualize, develop and produce the content for the annual report and monthly newsletter as scheduled. In that capacity, you will accomplish the following:

  • Develop issue themes and content
  • Research and write articles
  • Solicit articles from EZ Ride staff
  • Edit and proof all articles
  • Seek to broaden the audience and readership for the publications through various means.

Additionally, you will:

  • Work with EZ Ride staff and contractors to develop and maintain EZ Ride’s website, consistently update the website information, and ensure that it is consistent with EZ Ride’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Work with various workgroups and teams within EZ Ride to ensure that their work and programs are well represented in the publications and website.

Annual Recognition Event

  • Develop and incorporate the annual recognition event in the communications plan
  • Work with other EZ Ride staff members to develop communications materials, including web-based content consistent with the goals and objectives for the event.

Public and Community Relations

  • You will identify potential alliances with other organizations – businesses, government agencies, or nonprofit organizations to further our mission, goals, and objectives.
  • You will develop communications programs, services, and activities to build these alliances, including preparing and sending mass email messages for targeted audiences.

Additionally, you will:

  • Evaluate the communications activities undertaken by EZ Ride in terms of their effectiveness and consistency with EZ Ride’s goals.
  • Work with the CEO, COO, and other appropriate staff members in developing long and short-term communication plans for EZ Ride.

EZ Ride’s reputation and ability to eliminate the transportation barrier for our clients depends on building trust and confidentiality, developing our brand, and effective communications. This position requires creativity and innovation.

You will work with other members of the EZ Ride team to enhance the quality of life of our riders through transportation solutions. To that end, you will commit to delivering what you promise with respect, integrity, and a smile; to build an extraordinary team of professionals dedicated to innovation, reliability, and results; and finally, making our community a better place to live and work.

Desired Outcomes or Results (Key Performance Indicators or KPIs):

  1. Develop a 12-month communications plan within 30-days
  2. Implement the plan to include but not be limited to the Annual Report, Monthly Newsletters, Updated Website, Press Releases, and Blogs as outlined and scheduled in your communications plan.


You will have a baccalaureate or a master’s degree from an accredited university or college in journalism, communications, public relations, English, history, public administration, community development, or related fields.

Three or more years of progressively responsible professional experience in communications, journalism, public relations, government, public administration, community development, or related fields, including managing nonprofit organizations, for-profit organizations, or governmental entities. Preferably a year or more of experience in a managerial, supervisory, or administrative capacity with communications responsibilities. Experience requirements could be waived based on other qualifications.

High level of expertise in communications skills, including writing/editing/proofing, conceptualizing organizational goals into communications strategies/plans, understanding technology, and using technology to broaden communications efforts—good knowledge of building client relationships, planning, budgeting, and managing skills. Specific knowledge of federal and state policy development and community transportation issues is a plus.

The ability to translate EZ Ride’s goals and objectives into strategic communication plans using all communication vehicles available, including the annual report, newsletter, the Internet, corporate website and social media, email, direct mail, speeches, presentations, and testimonials.
Proficiency in both written and verbal communications that relate to all EZ Ride levels – from drivers to trustees, and the ability to maintain focus on EZ Ride’s long-term goals while effectively supporting the day-to-day operations.
Build and maintain professional relationships with the public and private sector and other nonprofit organizations and manage your consultants

Salary & Compensation Level

Competitive compensation commensurate with experience and qualifications

Contact Information: Please email your CV and cover letter to:

Kinga Skora

Deputy Director, Marketing & Sales
[email protected]

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