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Bike & Pedestrian Program

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) ( is a federally funded program administered by the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) and designed to encourage grade K-8 students to walk and bike to school safely. EZ Ride is responsible to help the 1200+ elementary and middle schools in Bergen, Passaic, Essex, Union and Monmouth counties implement the program. Our primary focus is disadvantaged communities.  The goals of the SRTS program are to:

  1. Work in schools to educate students how to safely walk or bike to school to encourage health and reduce pedestrian crashes, traffic congestion, and air pollution.
  2. Assist communities to make bicycling and walking to school safer, identify barriers and recommend infrastructure improvements.

NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety (NJDHTS) ( is a federally funded statewide effort to promote walking, biking and driving safety in communities. Our goals are to educate and encourage seniors, adults, high school students and pre-school children about walking and biking safety and to distribute safety information in our service area.

Street Smart New Jersey (SSNJ) campaign ( is an NJTPA funded program to reduce pedestrian crashes and fatalities by educating communities about safe behavior and working with local police to enforce traffic laws. We work on two full campaigns annually and prepare reports on our efforts to observe driver/pedestrian behavior, survey and educate residents about NJ laws, safe practices and key campaign messages, and about the enforcement campaign.

New Jersey Transit Bike Locker Program. EZ Ride is responsible for managing more than 60 bike lockers at six NJ Transit train stations in Union and Essex County. We check the lockers quarterly and work with the finance team to rent them and promote biking to work or transit.

Role of the Position

You will  help our Bike & Ped team carry out the grant responsibilities and promote/implement SRTS, HTS,  SSNJ, and NJ Transit programs in our service area which is Bergen, Essex, Passaic, Union and Monmouth counties.

  1. Community Outreach: You will contact and work with school and municipal  staff, parent-teacher groups, , active senior or community centers, and other relevant community members/organizations to setup safety presentations and events
  2. Educate/Encourage/Train: You will present in person or virtually to groups about how to be a safe pedestrian and bicyclist.  You will help with education efforts for Street Smart
  3. Technical Assistance; You will help the schools and communities:
  4. Launch SRTS initiatives such as travel tallies, walk and bike to school day, walking school bus, safe bike skill events, poster contests and bike trains.
  5. Conduct walk/bike audits, write school travel plans, apply for transportation grants, and other relevant projects.
  6. Recognition Program: You will encourage and help schools/municipalities participate in SRTS, and register them in the SRTS Recognition database annually.
  7. Miscellaneous: In addition, you will assist with:
    • Records of Contact for NJ SRTS
    • Making crash maps
    • Research and writing news articles, blogs, case studies, and social media posts
    • Any other tasks assigned

Performance Measures

  • Completing assignments on time
  • Number of new schools and municipal partners recruited
  • Contributions to the Bike & Pedestrian team
  • Number of schools/municipalities participating and recognized for their SRTS activities
  • Number of pedestrian and bike safety presentations conducted
  • Number of bike rodeo or bicycle skills events conducted
  • Number of walk/bike audits conducted
  • Number of school travel plans prepared
  • Number of poster contests conducted
  • Number of students participating in events

Education, Experience & Skills Required

  • Bachelor’s degree – will accept seniors pursuing graduation
  • Interest and experience in promoting health, walking, biking, and safety, and to reduce air pollution and traffic injuries/fatalities
  • Experience riding and transporting a bike
  • Ability to initiate/build relationships with school/city officials, community leaders to setup new events and activities
  • Ability to organize, plan and work independently and manage multiple tasks/deadlines

Key Skills Needed

  • Ability to make dynamic presentations, live and virtually, to all age groups
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Punctual, reliable, strong work ethic, focus on excellence, not hours worked
  • Positive attitude, a team player who enjoys working collaboratively
  • Able to learn quickly on the job, accept feedback, and adapt to change
  • Good driving record – frequent travel is required to different schools and municipalities in Essex, Monmouth, Passaic, Union and Bergen Counties.
  • Proficiency with MS Office Suite – MS Word, Excel and PPT
  • Good experience with Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and making videos
  • Availability for occasional events on weekends and evening meetings is required
  • Ability to speak Spanish or Haitian Creole fluently is helpful but not required

Contact Information for Questions:

Lisa Lee, Deputy Director, Bike & Pedestrian Program

[email protected], (201) 939-4242, ext. 123.

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