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Join a growing number of volunteers who drive our cars and help others

Our network of EZ Ride volunteers provided more than 3,000 rides during 2011.  Their selfless contributions enabled older adults and people with reduced mobility to work, shop, keep appointments, visit family and enjoy a wide range of important activities.

By volunteering, you help make transportation affordable so people who are less fortunate can do the things we take for granted. You provide the driving, EZ Ride provides the cars, gas and insurance.  

A strong feeling of reward

Our volunteers report a sense of reward that comes with helping others.

“They are typically so appreciative when I feel I have done so little.” -- Bob Martinelli

“EZ Ride is a priceless service to the community.” -- Marge G.

Volunteer requirements

For the safety of riders and drivers alike, volunteers must:

What are your commitments?

Make a difference

Let’s face it, you’ve been lucky in life. Yet all around us are neighbors who would love to have opportunities that we take for granted. Like getting to work, visiting a doctor and going shopping.

Many senior citizens and people with reduced mobility are not able to drive or access public transportation.

How to get started now


If you’d like to become an EZ Ride volunteer driver, complete and submit an application form or call our Volunteer Coordinators:

Bergen and Hudson County

Kinga Skora: 201-939-4242

Monmouth County

Wendy Arias: 732-380-1299

Essex and Union County

Ellie Ferrer: 973-961-6941

Passaic County

Sjockier Jackson: 201-621-2577

Volunteer Driver

Click here to download a free EZ Ride Volunteer Driver brochure.
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