Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Program

Curriculum and School Travel Plans

Meadowlink can help communities find solutions to creating safer walking and bicycling environments for children by providing several administrative and curriculum programs for schools and municipalities.

School Travel Plans
The SRTS Travel Plan is a “roadmap” that lays out suggested steps towards increasing walking and biking for a school.  It is usually developed using a broad working group that would be involved in implementing or supporting walking and bicycling programs.  The SRTS Travel Plan usually includes the following elements:

  • School Description
  • Working Group and Partnerships
  • Walk/Bike Barriers and Opportunities
  • Map of School Neighborhood
  • Goals and Proposed Actions
  • Program Evaluation and Monitoring

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) has developed a guide for developing a Travel Plan.

“Train the Trainer” and School Curriculum
Meadowlink has developed specific lessons for 2nd and 5th Grades on bicycling and pedestrian safety.  These materials supply schools and teachers with all of the information necessary to teach specific modules, both in the classroom and outside. Meadowlink can provide training for teachers, recreation and health department employees, and police safety offices so that they can teach the programs to children in the community.

The lessons have been designed to fit into the New Jersey State Curriculum.  In some cases, teachers can receive professional development credits for attending the training.


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