Flex-T passenger standing at rear door

Flex-T Mobility Partner helps people with reduced mobility overcome transportation barriers and get to work on time every day on a budget that makes sense.

Flex-T – which stands for flexible transportation – is reliable, affordable and innovative because it enlists a cadre of dedicated volunteers to drive passengers with reduced mobility in EZ Ride vehicles.

“People with reduced mobility” are defined as those with a mental or physical disability. Often ready-and-able to work, they are held back by transportation barriers. Public transportation is not convenient or frequent enough for many of these riders. Private transportation is too expensive to use on a daily basis. Further, many clients work in areas and during hours that are not well served by public transportation.

Currently, Flex-T arranges rides between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in Monmouth County in the areas around Routes 9, 35 and 36.

To register, riders must set up a transportation account in advance.  Once they’re registered they can begin scheduling rides with a 24-hour notice.  To learn more about how it works, click here.

Transportation solutions through community collaboration

Flex-T is made possible by a collaboration of the community organizations and individual volunteer drivers

EZ Ride provides cars, gas, insurance and program management / coordination. Funding is provided by NJTRANSIT.  Other community organizations, such as ARC of Monmouth County and the Center for Vocational Rehabilitation (CVR) help market the program.

Our Volunteer Driver Program

Since approximately 40% of transportation costs pay for drivers, our cadre of volunteer drivers is what allows Flex-T to be affordable.  Volunteers make a huge difference in people’s lives by donating their time to drive.  For more information about how the program works, or how you can become a volunteer driver, click here.

Photo of Jerrell looking out of car

"Now I can be more independent and don't have to impose on family members to get me to work every day. The Flex-T Mobility Partner is very helpful, convenient and affordable."

Jerrell Thompson

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