Special Needs Transportation

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Overcoming the challenge of reduced mobility

"People with reduced mobility" are those who have physical or mental disability that prevents them from driving or independently getting from place to place.

They must overcome obstacles to employment and independence that most people never face. Often able and eager to work, transportation barriers restrict their mobility.

Community partnerships

EZ Ride currently partners with many community groups to provide special-needs transportation where they are needed most.

EZ Ride introduced the Flex-T Mobility Partner program with a grant from the Kessler Foundation in 2008. This innovative transportation service provides rides to work for many Monmouth County residents. EZ Ride provides the cars, gas, insurance and program management. We make it affordable by recruiting and coordinating a network of volunteer drivers from the community.

Flex-T services vary by county. Currently services are available in Monmouth and Passaic counties. Plans are under way to expand this service to adjoining counties, so check back with us for updates from time to time.

1. Monmouth County

Currently, Flex-T arranges rides between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday in Monmouth County in the areas around Routes 9, 35 and 36.

The program serves other community organizations, which help to promote it and to recruit volunteer drivers. Active organizations currently include:

To register for Flex-T, riders must set up a transportation account in advance. Once they're registered they can begin scheduling rides with a 24-hour notice.

2. Passaic County

Coming soon.

Learn more Flex-T.

Inquire how your organization can participate with Flex-T.

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