Senior Transportation

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Community Cars Provide Seniors with New Mobility

EZ Ride helps local communities in Passaic, Bergen, Hudson and Monmouth counties provide senior transportation that responds to real-life needs. Historically, most towns have provided some form of free shuttle services, usually to the local senior center and shopping center. Typical shuttles operate on a fixed schedule and route. Generally, no service is provided on weekends.

Through its Community Cars program, EZ Ride fills the gap between the fixed-route, fixed-schedule government services and the more expensive private services.

Our Cars. Your Community. Your Ride.

EZ Ride places branded cars in a community. The cars can be accessed by volunteers using a Smart Card. Reservations are made and schedules are coordinated centrally. The cars are equipped with GPS and in-vehicle cameras to ensure the safety of passengers and volunteers.

With this program, seniors pay a $15 annual membership fee.

Once the annual membership fee is paid, fares are charged as follows:

(Mileage fee is based on Internal Revenue Service reimbursement rates, which may be changed from time to time.)

There are no limitations on the nature of their trips. Discounts of up to 50% are offered for shared trips. To sign up for Community Cars, click here.

Our technology allows us to rapidly expand the program in any area without having to establish a local office for administration. The only limitations are the number of available cars and volunteers.

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Community Cars – The Community Cars program was launched as a pilot program in January 2008 and was selected as a winner of the Beverly Foundation STAR Award for Excellence in 2010. EZ Ride is committed to developing innovative transportation programs and services that respond to people's needs and enhance the quality of life.

"It's such a comfortable and reliable way to get around."

Lenore G.

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