Now that you’ve reserved an EZ Ride car, here’s how to get going!

Picking up the car

Make sure to print out your confirmation page after making your reservation.  The exact location of your car will be printed on it.  where your car is before you go looking for it.

Vehicle Inspection

Inspect the outside of the car for any signs of damage. Scratches, scrapes or dents should be recorded using the Damage Form stored in the glovebox and then (later) reported online.

Proper procedure for reporting damage and the condition of the automobile can be found in the “Reporting Minor Damage or Needed Maintenance” sections under the “Repairs and Upkeep” heading.

For major damage or if you find the car excessively dirty, please call us before you start your trip. If you fail to report a problem caused by another member, you may be held responsible for it.

Once you’ve entered the vehicle, check the inside for damage. As with the above, take careful not of any new damage and report it online immediately following your trip.

You also need to check the glove compartment. Make sure that the following items are present:

If any of these items are missing, please call EZ Ride immediately.

Entering Your Car

The card reader is located on the driver side windshield, near the vehicle inspection sticker.

NOTE: this process may take up to a minute, so please be patient.

NOTE: If for any reason the car does not unlock after repeated attempts, call EZ Ride. We will address the problem with you.

Retrieving Your Key

Once you’re in the car:

Missing Vehicle

In the rare event that your car is missing, call us immediately. We may be able to:

If you wish to cancel your reservation and arrange your own transportation, you can cancel at no charge. Afterwards, you can submit your receipt to EZ Ride and we will reimburse you for the extra costs above the price of your initial reservation, up to a maximum reimbursement of $100.

Likewise, if we arrange alternate transportation for you, you will not be held responsible for any incurred cost over the price of the initial reservation. In both cases, you will also be given a $25 credit to your account as an apology for the inconvenience.

Using the Car

Now that you’ve gotten the vehicle started, feel free to drive off. We ask that you abide by our cardinal rule: “Be respectful of the CarShare vehicles and other members who may use the car after you”. Please treat the car as you’d like others to treat it.



 Each EZ Ride CarShare vehicle is equipped with a Voyager Gas Card, which is accepted at most major gas stations. Gas is included with the cost of your hourly rental.

NOTE: The PIN is specific to the vehicle you are driving, it is not your personal PIN number.


Tolls are NOT included with the cost of your hourly rental. You will be charged separately according to your individual use.

Stops Along the Way

Use the car-key when you exit and re-enter the vehicle during your reservation. If you need to make a stop during your trip, lock the car using the car-key and make sure you take it with you. Do not use the Smart Card to lock and unlock the car during your trip. The Smart Card should be used strictly to unlock the car initially and to log out and lock the door again at the completion of your trip.

Smoking and Pets

Smoking is not permitted in any of the EZ Ride vehicles. Pets are not permitted inside the vehicles unless they are kept inside a carrier, such as those used to transport a pet on an airplane. Emergency cleaning fees will be applied to your account if this occurs.


If the emergency warrants it, call 911 first to ask for help.

After calling 911, remember that only registered EZ Ride CarShare members are allowed to operate the vehicles. However, in the case of an emergency where life or safety is at stake for you or another person, a non-member is permitted to drive the vehicle under your supervision, if:

You must alert an EZ Ride associate immediately. We can be reached at 201-939-4242 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During off-peak hours and weekends, call 201-893-0136 to speak with one of our associates.

NOTE: You are liable for any costs, fees or damages incurred if a non-member is driving the vehicle.

Return the Vehicle

There may be another client waiting upon your return, so we ask that you have the car parked in the designated spot by the end of your reservation period. The success of CarShare depends on your courtesy to the next member who will use the car after you.

The Return Process

Reserved Parking Space
You must return the car to the EZ Ride designated parking spot. If you do not, the next CarShare member will have a difficult time finding the car and you may be charged a $75 Inconvenience Fee.

However, if another vehicles is parked in the EZ Ride space or the spot is otherwise inaccessible, park in the nearest legal spot and call EZ Ride to inform them where the car is parked. By calling, you will not be charged an Inconvenience Fee.

Fuel Left in the Car

The gas tank must be at least half full when you return the car. A $10 fee will be charged if the tank is less than half full. If it is less than one-fourh full, the $75 Inconvenience Fee will be charged.

If you arrive at your car and find that the previous user did not return the car with at least a half-tank of gas, call us to let us know.

Running Late

We need to know when you’re running late. Since you’re sharing the car, there may be someone else depending on it once your reservation is up. Please plan your trip and reservation period accordingly.

There is only one option if you are running late. Call a CarShare associate at least one hour before your reservation and tell them you cannot return the car on time. The number to call is 201-939-4242 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. During off-peak hours or weekends call 201-893-0136 and speak to one of our associates. We will try to accommodate your needs. If you do not call, you will be charged a $50 late penalty for every hour beyond your reservation period. If you do call, this fee will be waived.

The next EZ Ride client expects to use the car as scheduled. We need to alert that client and find them an alternate means of transportation. You will be charged at your normal rate for the extra time you keep the car as well as any other costs for the other member’s transportation up to – but not in excess of -- $100.

Car Share

Click here to download the
Car Share manual.


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