Car Share - What Does it Cost?

Car Share parking spot

Why pay to park your car?

Compare the cost of Car Share vs. Car Ownership

You come out a winner every time with EZ Ride Car share.  The cost of buying, maintaining and insuring a car is enormous.  Then there’s the rising price of gas, tolls and parking.  And most of the time, the car’s at the curb. Or in a parking lot you’re paying for.

By contrast, you can have the benefit of driving an EZ Ride and only pay for what you use.

Set fees to get started

Variable fees for your use

Additional miles, over and above those allotted, are charged at the rate established by the IRS, which is currently  $0.51 per mile.

Car Share Customer Li-Chun Lin

"I am very pleased with the EZ Ride Car Share program, especially on our Rutgers– Newark campus. Its accessibility and service are excellent, just what is needed for a campus resident for school and shopping …, rather than having a personal vehicle and all it would require with maintenance, insurance, and parking."

Yi-Chun Lin
CarShare user
Rutgers University


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