Car Share - How it Works

Car Share parking spot

Car Share. Because you can!

It’s easy:

Step 1: Register as a member with our online form
Step 2: Reserve your car online
Step 3: Ride to your destination.

Car Share allows members the flexibility to use a car at any time and pay for it from their account. After joining as a member:

Car Share vehicles are parked in dedicated spots and are easily identifiable, because they display the EZ Ride logo.  Each car is equipped with GPS and in-vehicle cameras to ensure driver and passenger safety.

You just drive.

Once inside the car, retrieve the key from the glove-box and keep your Smart Card in your wallet. EZ Ride also provides:

It’s that simple.

At the end of the month you receive a bill based on how long you used the car.

Car Share

Click here to download a free Car Share brochure.
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