What Does it Cost?

Carpoolers in car, smiling

Here's the good news

Carpooling doesn't really cost. It saves. Sure, some money is exchanged. But compare that to what each rider would pay to commute individually. You'll see the cost is considerably less. So carpooling is like a gift that keeps saving and saving.

Although it only takes two people to form a carpool, increasing the number of passengers will decrease the amount each individual contributes.

The more carpoolers, the more you save

Carpoolers share costs by either taking turns driving their own cars, or – if they are just passengers – by contributing to help defray costs of the car, gas, tolls and insurance. The amount you contribute is worked out between the driver and passenger and is impacted by the distance of your trip, the price of gas and tolls, and any other expenses.

Some auto insurance policies give discounts for carpooling. Check with your insurance company or agent to see if you're eligible.

In addition to saving on gas, tolls, insurance and depreciation, carpooling also saves the environment by removing cars (and their emissions) off the roads.

To see how much you can save by carpooling, try the EZ Ride cost calculator.

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