How it Works

Carpoolers standing by car

Be cool. Carpool.

Carpooling is one of the easiest ways to ride-share. You can call on neighbors, fellow students or co-workers to ask if they'd be interested. You decide who you want to carpool with and how often.

A carpool can start with only two riders, although adding a third and fourth greatly contributes to savings.

Once you have two or more riders, get together and set ground rules:

Go your own way

Some carpools have the same car and driver every day. Other carpools arrange for different riders to take turns driving their own cars. Either way, we can help.

If you'd like to start a carpool and need riders, click here.

If you'd like to join an existing carpool, click here.

Register and make it an EZ Ride

Meadowlink can match you with its database of more than 30,000 commuters interested in sharing a ride. Complete and submit our online application. We'll enter your information in the statewide database.

Emergency Ride Home guarantee

Once you're registered, you are automatically registered in the Emergency Ride Home program, which gives peace of mind to qualified commuters, knowing that they'll get home freely in the event of an emergency. To find out how to arrange an Emergency Ride Home, click here.

You must commute to work at least three days a week using a carpool to be eligible.

"Carpooling has greatly improved my work/home life balance. I've reduced my travel time in half, not to mention the savings in commuter expenses. I also have made some new friends in the process. We talk, sleep, listen to the radio, work wirelessly, and best of all, we can laugh together (which is often)."

Susan L. Frey
Senior Account Consultant
Horizon Blue Cross
Blue Shield of New Jersey

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