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Carpoolers can save money, make friends and help the planet, all on the same trip.

Carpooling is one of the oldest, most popular ways to share a ride. Co-workers, fellow students and neighbors who share a common destination get together and share the cost of their commute.

Savings add up quickly – and can easily exceed $2,000 a year – depending on the distance travelled, the number of passengers and the price of gas and tolls.

And people who carpool are more likely to enjoy their ride. Carpooling is social and brings riders together. It's like social media on wheels. By leaving their cars at home, carpool riders help reduce traffic, improve air quality and give the planet a break.

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Dude, where's my carpool?

What happens if your carpool has a problem because a member has to work late or leave early because of an emergency? EZ Ride's got your back with its "Emergency Ride Home" program. Registered riders are covered for up to three rides home per year – on us, as long as it's an unforeseen, emergency. For complete information on how the Emergency Ride Home program works, click here.

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