Emergency Ride Home

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EZ Ride’s Emergency Ride Home Program guarantees Vanpoolers a ride home from work when unexpected circumstances arise.

Knowing that you will be able to get home in case of illness, family crisis or unscheduled overtime gives you just one more reason to consider vanpooling to work.

EZ Ride will arrange your return trip home at not cost to you.

How it works

When you register for EZ Ride’s Emergency Ride Home program, you qualify for up to three rides home a year. You may use an Emergency Ride Home if:

Requests must be received between Monday and Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Emergency Ride Home Program may not be used for personal errands, previously scheduled appointments.

Requesting your ride

Request a Ride

When you need an Emergency Ride Home, simply complete the Ride Request Form, or:

  1. Call EZ Ride at 866.208.1307 and give them the following information:
    1. your full name
    2. work address
    3. work phone
    4. time that you need to be picked up
    5. your destination
    6. the nature of the emergency
    7. your supervisor’s name (or name of the person requesting the ride for his/her employee)
  2. Meet the driver at the main entrance to your building. Bring your company ID (if applicable) and show it to the driver.
  3. Sign for the ride.

Additional Questions and Answers

Q: What qualifies as an emergency?

A: An emergency is anything that is unplanned and unscheduled that requires you to miss your ride, or to get home sooner than your carpool would be able to. Emergency Ride Home covers rides home from work and does not cover rides from home to work.

Q: I pool with my spouse. Does that count?

A: Yes. Any two adults who pool at least three days per week are eligible.

Q. What if my three annual rides are used? Can I still contact EZ Ride for assistance?

A: If your three annual rides are used, you can still contact Meadowlink to schedule an emergency ride, but you will be charged for the ride.

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