Start a New Vanpool

Driver at steering wheel of vanpool

If you decide to start your own vanpool, EZ Ride can help. Since there are two van sizes to pick from, you will need either 7 or 15 riders. You may recruit these riders at your company or you may consult EZ Ride’s list of riders who are interested in joining a vanpool.

Leasing your van

One of the financial benefits of vanpooling comes from financial subsidies that come from NJ Transit. To qualify for these subsidies, you must lease your van from a NJ Transit approved vanpool provider. EZ Ride can provide you with a list of approved providers near you. For a vanpool application, click here.

Organizing your riders

Once you have your riders, you’ll need to discuss your cost-sharing arrangements, routes and pickup schedules. Make sure to maintain updated contact information for everyone in your group in case of bad weather or any unforeseen situation. Always have a designated backup driver to allow for vacation time, illness or business travel.

The Vanpool Lease:

Month-to-Month Lease: Vanpool groups can terminate a rental simply by giving 30 days notice. The 30-day clause protects the group if they ever need to return the van due to a loss in ridership or for any other reason.

Insurance: Our third-party provider offers exceptional insurance for all EZ Ride vanpools. Vanpools receive a $2 million dollar insurance plan included in their lease. In addition the van provider will indemnify the driver if a legal matter occurs.

Comprehensive Maintenance: Our third-party vendors track your van mileage and contact you when service is needed (e.g. oil changes, safety checks). The maintenance staff dispatches a vendor to pick up the van, service it and return it the same day prior to the vanpool's departure.

Roadside Assistance: In case of mechanical problems, the vanpool coordinator contacts the maintenance staff and schedules a time for a loaner van to be delivered to the worksite (if needed). When the original van's repairs are complete, it will be returned to the worksite to replace the loaner van.

EZ Ride

Click here to download a free EZ Ride Vanpool brochure.
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