How it Works

Riders standing next to Vanpool

Vanpools turn your journey to work into a reliable, enjoyable and time-saving EZ Ride each day. To realize its full financial benefits, a daily roundtrip commuting distance of 40 miles or more may be necessary.

Since vanpools typically share a common destination or workplace, riders first check to see if there is an existing vanpool with an empty seat available that goes to the desired destination. EZ Ride offers a list of vanpools with available seating. Check the list and if you find a match, contact the driver/ coordinator and discuss the details, including costs, pickup routes and schedules.

If you decide to start your own vanpool, EZ Ride can help. There are several van sizes to pick from, which can accommodate 7 or 15 riders. You may recruit these riders at your company or you may consult EZ Ride’s list of riders who are interested in joining a vanpool.

Leasing your van

One of the financial benefits of vanpooling comes from financial subsidies that come from NJ Transit. To qualify for these subsidies, you must lease your van from a NJ Transit approved vanpool provider. EZ Ride can provide you with a list of approved providers near you. For a vanpool application, click here.

Organizing your riders

Once you have your riders, you’ll need to discuss your cost-sharing arrangements, routes and pickup schedules. Make sure to maintain updated contact information for everyone in your group in case of bad weather or any unforeseen situation. Always have a designated backup driver to allow for vacation time, illness or business travel.

Emergency Ride Home service

In an emergency or unforeseen circumstances, EZ Ride guarantees vanpoolers up to three rides home a year. If the vanpoolers have to work late and miss the van, or if the van is unable to make the trip home, EZ Ride will get you home at no additional expense. Click here for more information on the Emergency Ride Home program.

Well-organized vanpools function smoothly and tend to build long-standing relationships with co-workers.

Larry Williams, Vanpooler, PSE&G

"For over 17 years vanpooling has been a win-win situation for me. With a commute of over 120 miles a day, the vanpool is a convenient and cost-effective way to get to work. It frees up a lot of time for me to conduct business, read or rest. I wouldn’t pick any other way of commuting."

Larry Williams

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