Shuttles - How they Work

Harmon Meadows Shuttle

Shuttles make your commute an EZ Ride

Each weekday, EZ Ride shuttles connect major transportation hubs – such as Newark Penn Station, Secaucus Junction, Jersey City's Journal Square and the Harrison PATH station – to more than 300 area businesses, commercial areas and residential complexes.

EZ Ride shuttles simplify commuting for hundreds of commuters every day, allowing them to benefit from public transportation rather than adding to traffic congestion and carbon pollutants to the air. EZ Ride spans the state's most densely populated areas, offering 13 popular commuter shuttles.

Unsurpassed shuttle experience and service

EZ Ride shuttles comfortably seat 20-25 passengers in a relaxing and eco-friendly vehicle. We maintain our fleet regularly and replace each vehicle every three years to ensure reliability. All shuttles are equipped with Global Positioning (GPS) devices and Mobile Data Terminals to provide real-time tracking and to ensure on-time performance. In-vehicle cameras enhance the safety of the passengers and drivers.

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EZ Ride

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