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Commuter Alternatives – The Better Way to Go

Journeying through New Jersey at almost any hour is a challenge. For commuters, it can mean time lost in traffic, money spent on gas and more carbon emissions in our air.

Make your Commute an EZ Ride

EZ Ride goes where you go and provides smarter alternatives to getting there. Explore these alternatives to single-occupancy car travel and discover the benefits of commuting in ways that make more sense for you and our environment.

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Commuter Shuttles – EZ Ride operates shuttles along 17 routes that transport commuters to and from transit hubs to 300 area businesses, shopping districts and residential complexes. Routes travel through any of the local Meadowlands towns, as well as Newark, Elizabeth, Fairfield, West Caldwell and Kearny. Because shuttles are sponsored by public and private sector programs and employers, riders are not charged, with the exception of the Kearny shuttle. Click here to see if one of these could serve you.
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Vanpools – Vanpools travel from farther distances, generally with a one-way commute of 40-miles. Vanpooling is one of the most affordable commute (link to NJ Transit tool to calculate your savings) and offers curb-to-curb commuting in comfort. Commuters can either join an existing vanpool or start one themselves. To do so now, click here.

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Carpools – Most carpoolers save more than $1,500 a year on gas, tolls, insurance and wear-and-tear on their cars. And people who carpool are more likely to enjoy their ride. Carpools can go anywhere their members want to go. To find out more about carpools, click here.

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Car Share – Perfect for short trips or occasional use, this program let’s you use an EZ Ride car by the hour and includes gas and insurance. Currently serving the Newark Penn Station/Gateway Corporate Complex, EZ Ride cars are available 24/7. A membership is required and cars can be reserved online. Interested? Click here.

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Bike Sharing – Bike sharing allows you to use a bike around campus or between campus and public transportation. Bikes are stored in secure “docks” at select locations. Riders register in advance, then swipe a student ID or credit card to release a bike, ride to another location and return it to another dock. Bike sharing is coming soon to the Rutgers and NJIT campuses in Newark. To learn more, click here.

With these convenient commuter alternatives, make your journey an EZ Ride.

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