Field Station Dinosaurs

Perry Frenzel, Chairman of Meadowlink, greets T-Rex at the Field Station Dinosaurs grand opening of the park as an EZRide Shuttle pulls up for one of it's routine stops from Secaucus Junction Train Station.

Dinosaurs invade Jersey in a Jurassic Park adventure for the ages.
100 million years ago they disappeared but now they return in a dino adventure that is fun for the whole family. Get ready to step into a world lost in time and have larger than life fun with a full cast of animatronic dinosaurs. They’re big, they’re menacing, and they’re in our backyards! Dinosaurs return to Secaucus!

EZ Ride buses shuttle visitors back to prehistoric times in a once in a lifetime Jurassic adventure! Shuttles from Secaucus Junction Train Station will take you to the newly opened Field Station Dinosaurs also in Secaucus. Starting June 25th, the service is offered from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekends and weekdays.  The service is provided at no cost to the rider.


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