Environmental Impact

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New Jersey is the nation's most densely populated state and northern New Jersey is the state's most heavily trafficked region. Traffic congestion and air pollution require both strategies and actions to reduce them. Too many of these cars are single-occupancy vehicles – one driver with four or more empty passenger seats. Imagine how many cars could come off the roads if everyone added one or more passengers per trip?

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Estimates vary but on average, passenger cars use 550 gallons of gas a year. The average SUV uses 915! According to rideshare.com, the U.S. could save 33 million gallons of gas each day if the average commuting vehicle carried just one additional person.

Automobile traffic has enormous impact on the environment, from the amount of carbon released into the air, to the number of roads that must be built and maintained.

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EZ Ride is committed to providing alternative ride-sharing choices that can make a huge contribution toward sustainability and a healthier environment. Join in our commitment and learn how you can become part of the solution by sharing your commute with others.

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