Meadowlands from the sky

There are many ways you can turn your commute into an EZ Ride.  There are even more ways that ride-sharing benefits you and everyone around you.  Here's how.

Save money. The per-gallon cost of regular gas is now over $3.  Hello!  Need we say more? Add to that the high cost of insurance, tolls, maintenance and parking.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to tell you you'd save a bundle by sharing a vehicle.

Save your car.  Think of the mileage you're not putting on the odometer.  Your car will last longer and will be worth more when you trade it in.

Save time.  If someone else is driving, you can use your commuting time to read, listen to music, chat with friends or even sleep.  And on designated highways, High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes allow you to move along while others are mired in traffic.

Save your sanity.  Don't get caught up in the stress of fighting traffic. Arrive to work cool, calm and ready to start your day.

Save the planet. Every rider means another vehicle comes off the road.   That means less traffic and less carbon in the air we breathe.

Save the whales. Okay, not really. But think about ride-sharing anyway.

Enjoy life's journey.  Make it an EZ Ride.

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